Company Overview

Wuhan Yanxi Micro component Co., Ltd.
  • 8inch RF production lineleading the country

Wuhan Yanxi Micro Components Co., Ltd., advancedtechnology enterprise, is engaged in design, research & development, production and marketing of RF components, under the support of international professional technology team, which is dedicated to make the company be a high-tech enterprise and a world-class supplier of micro-electronic components.

Wuhan Yanxi Micro Components Co., Ltd. persists in localization of communication industry , develops electronic products with its own independent intellectual property rights, provides products with excellent performance and reliable quality, responds to customer demand quickly.Yanxi Micro Components strives to act as an important role in RF field, makes technical innovation unceasingly, promotes development of RF technology, meets customer demand as well as brings enhance products performance for better customer experience, seizes new business increase opportunities in the industry of RF components, and achieves a new technology revolution.

Wuhan Yanxi Micro Component Co., Ltd aims to be a global enterprise by meeting customer demand and motivating employees consistently, under the philosophy of “unceasing development and society dedication”. Technical innovation, communication business services, focusing on core businesses, developing RF-related business is our technology roadmap. We will capture market opportunities steadily and achieve sustainable development.



Company Culture
  • Core valueIntegrity, dedication and sharing!
  • Corporate visionCreate high-tech enterprises and world-class suppliers of microelectronic devices
  • Business philosophyConstantly growing and contributing to society